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The Gathering of the Allison Clan

   Clara Hunt Miller

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orig publ 1988.
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Among the moors, glens, and mountains of Scotland, the ancient line of the Allison Clan began. Henceforth, the Clan sprouted, stretched and prospered within the homeland as well as England, Ireland, Australia, South America, Canada, and the United States. Wherever you are from and whatever variation that your Allison name may have taken, you are heartily welcomed into the Allison Clan!

We, the descendants of those ancient Allisons, want this site to be a united place to gather genealogical data, personal information, and stories of people, families and locations throughout centuries of Allison ancestry. Within the master Allison database, all Allisons will reside. It will be the living depository for promoting solid, sound research for the present generation of Allisons and an archive for future generations.

The Allison family, as a whole, is steady, strong, intellectual, has loved the church and state, and were founders of our government, for the people, and by the people. These are not mere assumptions, but based on historical facts. Hopefully, when current and future generations understand the hardships our ancestors faced and conquered, how they loved church, state, and country, we, the present and future generations will be stimulated to proclaim higher deeds and live nobler lives. To be a member of the Allison family, means that you are one of the richest people in the World!

"Inspired by Don Robert Allison and beautifully written by JoAnn Perry"

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